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Mobile Workbench

Definitely one of my favorite projects...

I have really enjoyed working on this workbench. Every time I upgrade it it feels like I'm unlocking an achievement in a video game or something like that. It was the first woodworking thing I built. I purposefully bought the table saw and didn't buy a table or workbench for it to force myself to have to build a workbench for it. I initially got the table saw and then started to plan out the project and the space I wanted it to fit in my garage. As I started it out, I started to predict it would take me 6-8 weeks to complete the workbench. As I had that thought, I started to worry that I might not even want to do woodworking if that's how long it took to complete and enjoy projects. After that, I decided I would get it done by the end of the weekend and I actually finished the initial drawing portion of the workbench in 5 days. It didn't have all the bells and whistles I wanted yet, but as you can see I added more and more over time. Usually while I was waiting for glue to dry on another project, I would add sections onto the workbench. The cubbies underneath make it quick and easy to get tools I need out right in my workspace. Since the whole table can be wheeled out on nice days onto the driveway, I installed a single power strip so I can run all my tools and run only one extension cord to the workbench. I still have a few more things to add, such as a charging station for my drill batteries and drills. Overall this is one of my most prized builds that is always evolving!

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