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Meet the Team

Lucas Rowe


Lucas is an engineer that focuses on implementing new solutions and creating 3D designs for new products.  He also creates manufacturing solutions to make any imagined product come to life. 


Bekah Rowe

Design & Marketing

Bekah is a mental health counselor working primarily with children on the Autism spectrum.  Her focus is on designing new images, and helps with product development.  She also does most of the marketing and getting the word out to our customers about our new products!


Aaron Rowe


Aaron was a visionary and the inspiration for the company name.  Aaron and Lucas had considered starting a company providing custom IT services and solutions.  Sadly, before they had the opportunity to create this together, Aaron passed away.  His heart is still with us at RowebotSolutions as we help our customers meet their needs.

Grandma's 87th bday Sept 30 2020_edited.jpg
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