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This wooden box is designed to perfectly fit all of the contents of the original Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Game as well as all the expansions.


The box comes with 4 trays (one for each house) to hold the game pieces so you do not need to dump them out or put them back in little bags when finished playing.


The box is stained and sprayed with a protective coating, decorated, and wood burned on the top.  The product also comes with custom wood burned text on the inside of the lid.


Update: Now pictured are the 3D printed house trays that will come with the item instead of the small wooden trays. 


Note: Actual product may be different than in image.  Notable changes being made - 3D printed house trays, 2D engraved wood burning with better detail (imaged product was done by hand)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Game Box and 3D printed trays

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