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This is a 11"x15" plaque burned into the wood with precision.


We take a photo you provide to us, process the image to create a silhouette, and then align and run the workpiece onto our laser burner where it will print memories onto wood.


After we have finished editing the design, we will reach out to you to verify you are happy before we print it to wood.

Custom Wood Burned Plaque

  • The price of each plaque is $100, which includes an image of one person.

    Each additional person we add to the plaque will cost an additional $50 on the first plaque made. Each plaque after that costs $100.

    Example: Buying 2 plaques with one person on it will cost $200 ($100 per plaque)

    Buying 3 plaques with two people on it will cost $350 total ($150 for the first plaque of two people, then $100 for the second and third plaques)

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